ATREA wines are made in Northern California’s Mendocino County. Wine industry veteran John Fetzer and his wife Patty continue to prove that Mendocino is great for making full bodied red wines and very distinct white wines.We were first introduced to their wines in 2011 and love their delicious taste.

The ATREA Old Soul Red is a classic California blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Malbec. Full bodied and tannic when young, the wine displays dark fruits, sweet oak tannins, and a lasting finish. Because of its profile, it’s best served with big, hearty dishes or chocolate desserts.

Atrea poured in decanter - Hong Kong

Atrea Red front close-up

Atrea Red and White

ATREA Old Soul Red 2009 California Red Wine

SLO Down Wines

SLO Down Wines, a Napa wine company, produces an excellent red wine called Sexual Chocolate. First produced during their college days, the winemakers are now producing approximately 10,000 cases per year, and are sold in most US states and several countries.

Sexual Chocolate sells out quickly every year and is allocated to fine wine shops and restaurants. Sexual Chocolate’s clever name and label are catchy to wine drinkers, but it’s the exquisite taste that bring people back over and over again.

Sexual Chocolate front and back close-up

Sexual Chocolate no drama

With the team in Hong Kong

Silver Creek Vineyard

The portfolio of Silver Creek Vineyard is appealing to lots of wine drinkers. From the fresh and fruity White Zindandel to their full bodied Cabernet, Silver Creek produces wines in a traditional California style. Having made wine for over 100 years, the family behind Silver Creek is able to delivery on flavor and price.Silver Creek is currently available in the US, Canada, and northern China.

With a selection suitable for any distributor looking for affordable California wine, the brand is growing quickly. Also, this year Silver Creek launched a beautiful new branded 12-pack boxes, which adds additional style to their great labels.



Silver Creek Chardonnay in Bermuda