Crosbie Companie started exporting wine to connect high quality wineries with professional importers and distributors everywhere. Now we take extra steps to simplify the purchase and import of USA wines for wine drinkers around the world.

Wine Importers and Distributors

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Wine importers and distributors are the life of our export business. We develop strong relationships with our import and distributor customers, communicate our goals, and together we create successful marketing and sales strategies for wines in their regions.

Our high quality, delicious tasting wines make us an excellent supplier for our importers and they appreciate the wines and the brands we introduce to them.

As an export management company, we have a complete line of services to offer:

Organizing International Payments

Logistics from Winery to Importer

Target marketing of wine for specific regions

Consumer and trade education of USA wines

Wineries and Wine Producers

Wine caves in Napa Valley, California


Our wineries represent the best of their kind and craft extraordinary products.  Quality ingredients, traditional practices, limited production, and fair pricing is what makes our portfolio of wine unique.  The benefit of our hard work in sourcing wines is when then consumer enjoys the wines as much as the producers enjoyed making them.

Instead of carrying a large portfolio with overlapping products, our strict selection process results in a complete group of special wines from different regions.  Wineries are not overlooked in the sales and marketing process and consumers can find an array of wines to select.

If your winery makes high quality wine and your seeking representation in various countries around the world, please contact us.

Private Label Wines

Custom wine for your business


Private label, or “white label” wines, are smart for wine importers and distributors seeking exclusive wines for their portfolio that no other companies can access.

Crosbie Companie and our partner wineries can create a premium wine or complete wine portfolio for your company.   Our experience in wine making and label design ensures the process is easy for you and we can organize all the details required to create, blend, and bottle wines on your behalf.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build your brand and sell exclusive premium wines to your customers. We can help you craft affordable California blends, or exclusive Napa Cabernets. Remember, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

You can read our detailed catalog about Private Label Wines here: California Private Label WineLet’s start today!