Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is special about your wines?

Crosbie Companie works with several wineries in California, USA that specialize in high quality and excellent taste. We carefully chose each wine for it’s special characteristics.
Not all wines are created equally. It is extremely important to work with exporters who believe quality is most important. You will be sad when you receive shipment of awful, disgusting wine from some “cheap” winery or exporter. Don’t be fooled!!!

Why do business with Crosbie Companie?

We believe in selling high-quality products and introducing the world to amazing new flavors and experiences. We just happen to be in the wine export business because wine is our passion.

What is the minimum order?

This depends on the wines, but as a general rule the minimum order is 1 pallet. This is equivalent to 56 cases, or 672 bottles.

Can we receive samples?

We encourage samples for new clients. Due to overwhelming demand for samples, we charge a small fee for the wines and the shipping. Simply provide your DHL, FedEx, or UPS number for the shipping and a credit card for the wine.

Who are your wineries?

Our winery partners are family owned business, with an emphasis on growing grapes and making excellent wines. The wineries are popular in California, USA and are becoming popular in other countries. View the current list on our website.

What is the need for a wine exporter?

A wine exporter markets and sells wines from select wineries. Our focus is on high quality wines, with great taste, and low prices. Our wineries do not have the capabilities to actively market their wines in many countries, but the have to capacity to make great wine and the desire to expand their business.

What makes California wines so great?

This is our favorite question! California wines are great, delicious, exciting, and special. In this large wine world of ours, California enjoys some of the best weather, excellent wine growing history, and talented people who strive to make the best wines on the planet. All of the factors combined results in excellent wines for our customers.

Who is Crosbie?

“Crosbie” is Mr. Ryan Crosbie, a wine industry professional who has traveled the world to learn about wine. He is a California native and believes independent  high quality wines should be available to intelligent consumers around the world.

How can we buy wine from you?

The easiest way is to email a detailed order to ryan@crosbiecompanie.com.  Order form  

This is our first time importing USA wine.  What can you do to help us?

We specialize in sourcing, shipping, and selling great wine. We can help you develop a sales and marketing plan for the wines in your local market. You understand your customers and we understand USA wine. Together, we can create a very successful wine importing business for you.

Our wine importing business is new.  What do you recommend in order to grow our wine business?

Understand the rules of importing and selling wine in your country. If your experience currently is : textiles, chemicals, foods, constructing  raw materials, or anything else, then you will need to learn and understand the rules for wine business. Obtain a license, find 20 potential customers, and then contact Crosbie Companie for wine.

Can you teach our employees about wine and wine sales?

Wine education is extremely important for a successful wine business. We can teach internally, or recommend you to wine courses online or in print.

What is the best advice to give wine importers?

It takes hard work and dedication to successfully sell a new wine brand. As the importer and distributor  you are responsible for the success of selling wine in your region. If this is not your style of business, we do not recommend doing business with Crosbie Companie. Work hard, never stop, and enjoy the benefits along the way. That is our philosophy and it is working very well.