The business of Crosbie Companie Wine International is a true passion of wine, research, and sharing.

Crosbie Companie brings a new perspective to the alcohol industry with its focus on international relationships between the producers and their potential consumers around the world. We work diligently to provide  our customers with high quality wine, marketing, education, and logistics.

Our business was founded by Mr. Ryan Crosbie, a wine industry professional with experience in international management, wine making, and wine sales.  Ryan’s passion for wine began while working at a boutique California winery, then quickly grew with travels to wine regions in 10 countries, and working at top retailers in New York City and Napa Valley. Equipped with an unparalleled wine education from wine schools in USA, Switzerland and England, Ryan started Crosbie Companie Wine International to help importers discover and buy high quality California and USA wines.

Each day we improve our levels of service, wine portfolio, and processes which allow our business to grow alongside our suppliers and customers. We wish to improve the quality of wines exported from the United States, as well as help discover more sustainable methods for bottling and transport. While the world continues to reach new levels of discovery and prosperity, it is important that our beloved industry is given the support in this new millennium to carry it to new heights.